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After a website has been transferred it may not show correctly. This is usually caused by the fact that your application is configured to work by your domain name while you are accessing it by the server's name. This is especially true for WordPress, Magento, SMF forum, PhpBB, OsCommerce, ZenCart and others.

One option is to re-configure your application(s) to work by the server's name. However this might require multiple file and database changes. For more information check your application's documentation on how to change its URL.

An alternative and easier option is to set up a local hosts file. It will allow you to access and test your site by your domain name on our server: For more information check this external link:

If the above instructions seem complex to you, simply proceed with the DNS changes for your domain. Then allow 24 hours for them to propagate and test again your site.

Siteground always configures and tests all applications to work by your domain name. This ensures trouble free transfer with no actions required from the client.

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