How to restore files/folders using the Files Backup Restore tool in cPanel? Print

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Clients with the Daily Backup upgrade can restore files and folders from their daily backups via cPanel > FilesBackup Restore tool.

To restore a backup, access the tool and once the next page loads, you will be able to see the backup dates available for your hosting account. You can select your date and press at the "Browse" button on the right side next to the respective date.

After that you can browse through the backup and select which files/folders you would like to be restored (double-click will open the folders).

Once the respective files/folders are selected, you have 3 options at the top bar:

  • Restore Selected - This option will restore the selected files/folders to your hosting account at SiteGround. The process will take a while and once it is finished the files/folders will be restored from the respective backup date. Please have in mind that the old files will be overwritten.
  • Download Selected - This option will allow you to download the selected files/folders to your local computer.
  • Send Selected to Agent - This option will allow you to restore the selected files/folders to your hosting account's home folder. They will be restored in compressed format for your future usage. In future you can restore the website from these files or download them for local use.

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